Letting Go ~ The Autumn Season

As the weather cools and the days shorten, the carefree energy of summer evolves toward seriousness and introspection. The softer attributes of autumn take over, trees lose their leaves, and bright colors yield to muted ones. For kids, it's back to school, when homework and schedules replace outdoor fun and long days with friends. At the office, important projects often come due, and outside the hardworking farmer is up before dawn harvesting their crops.

We often think of spring as a cleaning time, but fall may be the year's most opportune time to pare down and get rid of what is old, worn out, and no longer serving us. This is a season of organization and orderliness, on that lends itself to minimalism. Use this time to declutter your fitness routine as well. Ask yourself what exercise habits you can kick to the curb: What feels, dull, boring, inefficient or ineffective? Letting go of old habits is hard, but realistically it makes way for new energy and new opportunities. In the gym, simple can be you keyword. Pared-down, efficient workouts with more discipline and structured workouts are ideal. Metabolic strength training, body-weight circuits can change how you feel and move.

Additionally, as we transition into quieter times spent indoors, turn your focus to your lungs. Activities that involve deep, intense breathing-sprints and interval training- are especially effective. Vinyasa yoga is an option, building strength and mobility through sequences that are intentionally tied to the breath. Indoor cycling is another option that will also get your lungs and legs pumping.

With nature's guidance, you can make the most of varying energies, interest and seasonal resources to reach your physical potential. Whatever you choose, remember that by taking advantage of the opportunities of each season, and avoiding the pitfalls, you can gain a deeper appreciation for your body's shifting needs ~ one year, one season, one workout at a time