Celebrating Summer!

Summertime brings more daylight hours and longer, brighter evenings. In many areas, this equates to more time spent outdoors. Whereas in other regions the heat and humidity become oppressive (even dangerous), exercisers seek shade and shelter.

Whether you spend your time indoors or out, summer is a high energy time primed for novelty, adventure, and social connection ~ even in your workouts. It's a great time for group activities. Keeping it fun like joining a cycling group and riding to a new and different place. Sign up for an obstacle-course race with friends, consider a softball, tennis, or basketball league ~ summer time is perfect for good-natured competition too.

In the gym, keep changing things up, and plunge into a group setting where you can connect with people who have similar interest such as group fitness classes or bootcamps. A trend in the fitness environment is virtual group workouts such as Pelaton, Virtual Mission, and Run the Edge. You can join or create a virtual group that tracks distance and workout milestones, allowing you to compete remotely against thousands of others.

Summer is also an ideal time to learn

from our ancestors, exploring the outdoors with all our senses while crawling, climbing, and jumping. Hit up a park to leap and bound from one object to another, hike novel trails, venture out to the mountains to climb, or head to the water to swim, row, or sail. If heat, sun exposure, and pollution are concerns, activities such as in an indoor rock climbing, trapeze, and aerial yoga are ideal.

Strength-training enthusiasts can take their sessions outside for a body-weight-only or kettle bell workout. Yogis can also practice outside, choosing to flow through familiar poses on their own or joining the growing number of outdoor classes available during the summer months.

Remember to celebrate summer! Vitality and sociability are at high levels in summer. After you've sweated together, have a meal with friends, play music, and stay up and gaze at the stars. You've earned it!