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Dinger! Hitting one out of the park.

This is the excitement I feel with the beginning of helping others achieve their fitness goals!

Over the last six years my journey has taken me down several paths; weight loss, goal setting, nutrition, endurance racing, and social settings. I know what it takes first hand to make those mental changes to achieve the physical changes.

The information is out there with the aid of the internet, magazines, books and of course, friends. But what isn't widely know is the process of putting it all together. We'll start with the basics, a baseline ~ your baseline ~ and build on a good foundation, building the fundamentals to help you succeed. Sometimes it takes a team of professionals to pull it all together. Just like a baseball team where you have a head coach, pitching coach, and a slew of assistant coaches specializing in one particular area, I do the same. I have a trusted team of professionals that are ready to aid in your journey.

When you're ready to begin, I'll be here. Call, text, email me or book your free first session and we'll get this party started!

Bernie Neighbor

757-239-0839 cell